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PBR Competition Team 2013

First Row: Small Fry – Mia Noel, Emma Musselman, Grace Monahan
Second Row: Junior – Caitlin Williams, Allison Everhart, Lily Humbertson, Sidnie Yoder, Emily Liebal, Emily Schultz, Antasia Kimmel, Molly Pfahler, Jordyn Beam, Madison Noel, Mickie Smith, Baylie Horten, Maddie Smith, Greta Agee, Charley Hoffman, Madalyn Ferry, Elly Eisel, Madison Winters, Brooke Long
Third Row: Senior – Aspin Gomes, Sarah Musselman, Sarah Hall, Anna Bidoli, Lizzy Pearlman, Emily Humbertson, Kelsey Alwine, Rachel Conrad, Aimee Albright, Rachel Pearlman, Nicole Alwine, Ian Schmoke, Audrey Simpson, Sarah Arpino, Addie Rabold, Allie Rabold, Michaela Burket, Grace Misera

The 2013 PBR Dance Competition Team attended the regional Dance Educators of America competition in Pittsburgh on March 22 –24. PBR received 5 first place awards: “Requiem for a Dream” a senior contemporary choreographed by Rachel Monahan, grand-daughter of Miss Pauline; “I Wanna Dance” a junior jazz choreographed by Rachel Monahan; “Run Run Rudolph” a junior tap choreographed by April Everhart, also grand-daughter of Miss Pauline; “Calling All The Monsters” a junior trio choreographed by April Everhart; “Single Ladies” a small fry jazz choreographed by Ashley Hand. PBR received 4 platinum awards: “Summer of ’55” a senior/junior/small fry production choreographed by Rachel Monahan; “Good Times Back”, “Requiem for a Dream”; and “Destination 300” a solo by Ian Schmoke. Special awards were also given to 3 soloists: Sarah Arpino received the “Love to Dance” award, Michaela Burket received the “Special Energy” award, and Addie Rabold received the “Change of Music” award.

The team also attended Dance Masters of Pennsylvania Performing Arts Competition at Seven Springs March 27-30. The production “Summer of ‘55” with the senior, junior, and small fry teams took first place. It also received a platinum award, high score cash price, and a choreography award. The dance was choreographed by Rachel Monahan and costumes were designed by Cynthia Ake Rabold. Also receiving a first place, platinum, and choreography award was the junior hip hop dance called ”Technologic” and was also choreographed by Rachel.

Ian Schmoke, Mr. Dance of Pa, will be attending the Dance Masters of America competition in New Orleans in July, competing for the national Mr. Dance title.

The PBR Dance Competition Team is under the direction of Mary Ellen Everhart, daughter of Miss Pauline. The Pauline Baker Rodgers School of Dance has been owned by Pauline Rodgers since 1988. Miss Pauline also taught for Ruth Barnes School of Dance since 1960 and has now been teaching for 53 years.


Run Rudolph

2013 03 30_9276_edited-1



2013 03 24_9083


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