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50 Years of Fabulous


Pauline Baker Rodgers, better known to all as “Miss Pauline,” started teaching dance in 1960 for Ruth Barnes. In 1986, Miss Pauline began having her own recitals and shortly after the school became the Pauline Baker Rodgers School of Dance.  Over these last 50 years, Miss Pauline has positively touched the lives of so many children. She brings out the beauty of movement and dance in everyone she instructs.  Miss Pauline is a beautiful person, inside and out, and truly is someone a child can look up to, without reservation.  She values every child’s self esteem; and not only teaches the art of dance, but helps children build confidence, strong bodies and moral character.  Her name is respected in the community and among her peers and students, not only because of her excellence in teaching, but because of the wonderful person that she is. A gala called “50 Years of Fabulous” was held March 5th 2010 to celebrate Miss Pauline’s 50 years of teaching.

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