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Current Students


Facebook: Please like our Facebook page ( Pauline Rodgers School of Dance) to receive important posts (cancellations, etc)

Recital: Our annual recital  is May 18, 2019 at Jaffa Shrine  in Altoona at 7pm.  Dress rehearsal is May 16 at 6:00. Rehearsal at Jaffa May 14 & 15.

Recital Costumes: You are required to purchase a costume for each recital dance.  The fee for costumes ranges from approximately $55-$70/costume.  The combo class uses a 2-in-1 costume for tap and ballet requiring you to only pay one costume fee for both dances.  Students will be measured for costumes in December.  They will be ordered the first week of January.  There will be information emailed to parents about the price/payment for costumes.

For The Calendar:

Vacation dates/No class: October 25,  November 20-26, December 22-January 4th, April 17th-23rd

Class cancellation due to a weather emergency will be made-up.

Make up day is Thursday Jan 3 for snow day cancellation Thursday November 15

Christmas Performances Dec 17-20

  • The performance will be held at the dance studio during regular class time for ballet and ballet combo classes
  • Students may invite company
  • Students may decorate their costumes
  • All other classes may also invite family to watch their class during the month of December

Christmas Vacation: 

No Class beginning Saturday December 22.  Classes will resume Thursday January 3


Merry Christmas

Happy New Year






























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